Welcome to the dark side! Step inside and you may see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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I asked myself why. Why would I write and say anything. Where and what? I couldn’t answer, and I still can’t.

This page should tell a little bit of  who I am, but honestly I don’t want to write any presentation about myself, I’d rather let you know me through my writings.

But. To get some kind of interest to wake you up, my blog mostly deals with life, my own, and in general. Sure, it may not be interesting to you, and it can also sound and look very self-centered. But I write more about my own point of view than others. I’m thinking a lot and I leave questions floating in the air.
I will open my everyday life, mental life and interests.
So, if you are interested, for example. thinking, questions, questioning, philosophical discussions,science, animals and without forgetting humor and maybe a little bit of my fashion so then grab a cup of coffee or whatever and sit down with me.
Let’s see where this road will go. Maybe I’ll take you to the highest mountains or to the depths of the deepest sea.