The Journey Begins

The life so far to me has been a kind of exploration, as certainly for millions of others as well. Self-studying, learning, listening, finding, love, affection, anger, rage, sorrow, joy, happiness, etc. Happiness. What is it? What is it for me? Am I happy?

Those are good questions, I often think.
It’s  interesting and wonderful to find things what brings you happy, but if we talk of total happiness, what i believe is a kind of inner peace with ourselves. Do we ever have it? Will it ever be. Even though the basic structures of life would be OK and much better than most of the human population. Well, I’m just saying but I don’t feel completely happy. Can I ever be? Can you? Don’t think it’s a sad thing, because it’s not. In my opinion.

I’m at that stage of life where everything is quite a lot of discovering and learning new things. I haven’t seen much of the world yet that I could say I’m enough open-minded and aware. You might think that what I supposed to be aware of?
I have simple answer;  basically everything.  Myself, people, experiences, sciences, facts and this list could go on endlessly.

For example that happiness I have looked into, its importance and how people perceive it. I think it’s just an endless road, if you think about the whole human race and why not the animal kingdom, it’s even more mysterious.
But I believe the main thing is your own happiness, it’s a kind of journey for all of us.


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