Little Bit About Friendship And Social Media

I’d rather be alone than in company, what doesn’t interest me in any way and I don’t interest them. Quality over quantity.

When I was a child I questioned whether who and what is a true friend, who’s the buddy and who’s just a familiar person somewhere. In my opinion, a friend can only be categorized by those who are truly close to you and you know that with them you can discuss anything without being condemned. And even if they condemns, they still try to understand and think of you as a person without making a mockery. You don’t have to be in contact all the time with true friends, because you both have the feeling of that,  even if you don’t talk or see each other’s for long time, everything still goes on where it was left. Buddy’s are the ones with whom you can also chat and have fun and go somewhere, but don’t feel them very close friends and not those who you want to tell a lot about yourself. Sure you can be that kind of person who tells everyone everything about yourself. Your life and your choices. The buddy’s are a bit like a good day fellas whom are familiar of somewhere, they are nice to see sometimes and maybe to go somewhere, but with good day fellas I personally want to see them even less than friends or don’t want to see them at all.

Many people have certainly given me the asshole label, because I have removed them on my Facebook or I have not accepted them there. I’m just saying that I don’t know them as my friends, my close friends, or whoever I don’t want to get known to. It makes no sense to me accept people to my friends whom I don’t even know or I don’t see any sense that some people grow their friends with unknown people, only when they have just been in same place. Maybe just because its nice to know people or raise their social status or they need something from them. Why should have to everyone love you? Why would you play a friend when you really are not? Why should you please everyone?
Maybe maybe why why and blah blah.


I admit that sometimes I accepted friend requests from people who I know just a little, but mostly just because I wanted to try to get to know them and see if we get along. But 99% of my feelings have been right. I guess you know what happens then. I’ve learned in life (not just in social life where unfortunately everything seems to run) that you don’t have to please everybody. It will eat you. If you think about hurting others, it will hurt you less if you are left out or someone ignore you than someone pleases you all the time and then talk behind your back and laugh? If ignoring hurts you more than duplicity, then the priorities of your life are lost or somehow upside down.

Its annoying how social media is taken so seriously and feels like almost everyone get upset of little things. Mind your own business and don’t follow things or people who disturb you. Oh but what the hell, its the modern time that we’re living.
Sure, in social media and in real life, I understand, for example, your company’s advertising and searching attention to it, but don’t we have profiles and work status separately for them? And if not, then you have to deal with it if you example sabotage or ruin your or your company’s reputation. Again your decision and choice. Except that today it seems to be a trend for people to be interested in what you eat, drink, and what toilet paper you are using.  Are they seriously interested? A couple of good friends are a lot more and better than a few nice guys or a million familiar.It would be important for everyone to have even one friend. Who you can call your best friend. If you have a partner, is he/she your best friend? If not, well then he/she/it can be your mom, dad, sister, brother, new person you just met, childhood friend, anyone who you feel important to you.

life is short, and in a bad case, life may be even shorter. So lets hold on to our loved ones and love them unconditionally.

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