Two Depth Poems

Under the soft shell I found a small creature. It hatch out and starts it’s journey off the rock. It is a beautifully flying dragonfly always knows what to look for. Stranger whose journey is painful and long, sits down on the rock and sings a song. The song reminds life of the dragonfly and the flower on his other side. The flower is fading over time, loses its strength and beauty. Stem folds into a damp ground, sow seeds to germinate. Stranger grabs the soft stem, twitches and throws it away. The dragonfly is still looking for life, the breath of the wind lightens the flight. He looks at pond from where it’s life began. Stranger stands up, looks up to the skies and wonders what he desires. Then he walks forward, walks as long as he can. He sighs, now the soul and body can rest when there is nothing left.


Confused with thoughts and full of emotions. The head is rotten. As you tear the bark of a tree, you tear yourself same way. Inside you find something soft and hollow. Everything will eventually disappear. The mistakes we make, why do we do them again. Why throw yourself to the life of sorrow. We are guilty of guilt. It makes us sick like polypores causes sickness to the trees. The tree is rotten. The wind catches the top of tree, tear the thoughts and feelings into piece by piece.  In the end the tree is fragile and falls to molder to the ground. Unless someone has already split you to pieces to burn you to warmth for itself, oh well then, your ashes will never be found.

The poems are written by Doris

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