A Tissue Of Lies

I’ve always thought about a lot of things, life and the human mind, which I’m sure you’ve noticed. Especially now in few years I have more and more explored it. The eyes are open and enlightened. I’ve met a lot of different people, which is awesome that you’re not all the same. Think about how horrible it would be. Sometimes a second with someone will be enough for you to see through him/she. Why do some decide, for example, to live in lies rather than in truth? To protect yourself or others?  I don’t think its good to anyone set up their life with lies. be so weak that they can’t withstand truth and honesty. However, and again real people who care about you as yourself will surely appreciate more honesty than any fake lies, fake reasons, and bad explanations. Of course, there could be very understandable reasons why you make mistakes, why you lie and be dishonest, but how many of these reasons are forged and just ask for justice for your lies? when you do not dare to admit your weaknesses, or you are afraid and can’t take the responsibility. It’s courage to admit your own mistakes and flaws and to stand on your own feet. I am not saying that in life you shouldn’t make mistakes, they are supposed to do. I think its clear for all of us that you learn from your Mistakes. but what then, when those mistakes are repeated constantly. You sink into treadmill where you don’t even try to get out. Really is that what you want? don’t you care? Is life better then? I don’t think so.

The lies will be revealed sooner or later, and most of us will certainly not be happy about them, not even you. (luckily to you, some people doesn’t even care.) Who would appreciate that kind of people whose words are not trusted. Millions explanations and they change every time you open your mouth. All words will change also in your head and you can’t keep them together. You may feel that no one understands you and everyone treats you badly. No one would take you as who you really are. Even you’ve never tried to get anyone to understand you as yourself. genuine yourself. It has been sad and a bit pathetic to look at people who can’t take responsibility for their own actions and they just keep lying, feign etc. The treadmill of their life has been almost palpable.

No one is perfect, no need to be. But too much is being complained of everything, example what is wrong and what want to change. Most of these things you can change yourself. I have complained about my own problems and worries very much and many times I haven’t done nothing to them. I am no better than others, but I have realized that things don’t heal with complaining. I hope deeply that this kind of people who I have met in my life, will open their eyes or at least take their heads out of their ass. Or maybe we should all take our butts out of the chairs and our brains out of the penalty bench and do something. Sometimes it feels that it would be better not to know the truth about everything. For example, when you follow the news and what’s happening around the world, it makes us sad. But is it still good to know, because then you maybe don’t take everything for granted, you know how to be careful, you know how the truths can protect yourself and others. I hope we keep ourselves away from the tissue of lies

What have you realized in your life? How to make your life better? Do you just like to whining about everything? What do you see when you look in the mirror or who do you see?


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