What Tattoos Are For Me

So that all my blog posts wouldn’t be so heavy from the beginning, I thought I would write a bit about my relationship with tattoos. What tattoos are for me? They are art and subjects what are important to me. I feel it is important for me to get things on my skin what I love and something more than “at least there is some picture tattooed” or that “it would be so cool and fashionable and especially when everybody has tattoos.” No. My starting point has never been to put tattoos for to just please others or to make myself look cool. Since beauty is in eye of the beholder. Not everyone likes tattoos, which is fine for me. If you want to come and tell, you do not like my tattoos so then it’s your opinion and you are entitled to them. In these modern days still feels like it’s impossible to get rid of the stamp that tattoos cause. For example, I have heard some say these things; She can’t find work, she has probably somehow involved in criminal matters, she was probably in prison, her life must go badly, doesn’t she know or see that she looks ugly, she’s probably in some ways worse than the others, a bad-ass; Because she has tattoos. Well okay, I understand if you have some prison tattoo or something else that clearly tells those kind of things and causes that kind of conclusions to someone . But if not, then why do you expect example that kind of things at first?

Appearance is the first thing a person will notice, and of course it also tells you something. For example, if you wear a band t-shirt, it tells you what someone is listening to. Generally, I suppose that someone who’s wearing a band’s shirt will listen to that band or artist. Hopefully. Or, if you are wearing Prada you aren’t automatically devil. I have tattoos but I’m not a criminal, I haven’t been in jail, I’m no cooler than others, my life goes well and yes I get jobs despite it.

My current tattoos what I have now is animals. I don’t just tattoo animals because they are very beautiful because all the animals are. At the moment, my arm is embellished with Leopard, Wolf and Tiger. Since childhood, Leopard has been a favorite animal for me because of its beauty and it symbolizes to me physical strength and sensuality. Wolves i have always been interested in their way of living and surviving skills in the nature. They symbolize me strong intelligence and contact with own instincts. Tiger symbolizes me for example. courage and willpower. Amazing animal species in every way. Text Tattoos are personal to me. for example, encouraging phrases. As long as I internalize what they mean.

So the summary is that, to me tattoos always means more than just a great picture. You decide what pictures will decorate your body. The most important thing is that you like them. As a saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover.



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