Money. Will it bring happiness and a better life, or emptiness and disaster. I believe that it will bring all those things in your life. Depending on how you decide to let the money affect you. Because it can affect, for example, behavior and relationships. However, we make our own choices, and some of us are aware of those choices. Some can bear the responsibility and the consequences, but some don’t. There are plenty of fish in the sea. In today’s world, so many things revolves around money that without it, it’s almost impossible to imagine living without. Would it be possible? Well why not. If you decide that you get along without money and you have planned that you’ll be fine and you know example, what may happen if you are ill and you may not get the necessary care so why not. I believe that it can bring happiness and freedom for some people whom it is suitable for.  But my appreciation is not enough for people, who decide to live in some people’s corners, eating their food without any intention to work and don’t even bother to say thank you.


Happiness, what money has brought for me is example roof over my head, food and hobbies. I can’t do some of my hobbies without any money like writing this blog. It requires hardware and program payments. The gym is not free, art / craft tools are not free, the music is not free (included the hardware what to listen to and gig tickets) Movies and series are not free etc. Could I survive without my hobbies or could I practice them without any money? Yes, for some time I would survive, but I believe that at some point I would start to miss many things that I really do not get for free. Some of my hobbies can be done without financial support, but it would be more difficult and more demanding. That’s not a problem and I don’t whine about it, but money makes it easier and more varied .I prefer to pay for things that matter to me, for example to be able to see my favorite bands and artist. But I often wonder if they are absolutely obligatory and I try to do many things without money and many hobbies are left out. Maybe some things can be done in one way or another, or in another year.

When you are accustomed to live with low pay, (it’s very hard to find a good job and even harder to find job who would pay you a good salary) you have learned to appreciate things even more. I know that things could be worse and I am very grateful that they are not. relatively good compared to many others. A small salary and the challenge of finding a good job has motivated me to try and study even more so that I can do better in the future. For example, in the future (or as soon as possible), I would like to financially be able to take care of my mother and homeless animals. And that’s already a sufficient reason to try my best in life and money matters. Love is an important part of life. I do not think many would be happy for a million property without love. But again there is plenty of us and many of us can be happy with the unloving life and choose money instead. Or you will be able to achieve both of them Or even to achieve one of them. I can’t say, does money bring happiness. But it does make things much easier. Who wouldn’t enjoy the benefits of money, even a little.

I am going to earn my money in my life with my own work and effort. I do not want to go there where the fence is the lowest, and I want to maintain my dignity because I respect myself, as I think each one of us should appreciate themselves. Everyone does it in their own way. If you were offered a nice job, basic salary, nice co-workers and a roof over your head for the next ten years. Or, millions of euros, but it would require you to give up something very important to you and / or your principles and / or your dignity would suffer in some way. So which one do you choose?
This may never be a possible choice or offer in life but just a little theoretical mind play.

Time is money, or is it?


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