My style, What style?

When I cleaned my wardrobe I wonder what my style is, do I have any particular style or am I mixing all existing styles? Or have I created my own style? I have always bought clothes just what I like and pleases me. I know clearly what I like and what I don’t like, and I fully believe that you have to be able to wear them properly. Because if you don’t, then you may feel uncertain, and it will be noticed and it’s not nice for yourself either. When I continued cleaning, I did think out loud that I like my clothes and shoes and that everything looks nice and somehow they fit together and they are not just in the extremes of each other and if they are I can still make them look good together. Following the latest fashion has never been obsession to me and honestly I don’t care much about it. Everyone has their own taste of style. I am guilty of being a little superficial. Because I care and I consider important to look good, for myself not for the others. I appreciate high quality and durable clothes, but quality costs more in many cases. It’s a sad thing when you are an empty pocket. Everyone brings themselves through their style and some just don’t care about. It’s everyone’s own thing how to dress and we mostly dress for ourselves, right?

My wardrobe is full of black, red, green, blue, silver, gold and metal tone clothes. Band T-shirts, denim, lace, animal patterns, stud and spikes, leather, fur, different kind of fabrics and evening dresses to sport wear. And lots of shoes! Who doesn’t love shoes! I prefer faux leather and fur because I hate animal cruelty.  At first glance sounds like a disgusting eighties, glam rock, cheap style wardrobe with little bit of glamour and basics. And kind of it is. But what’s important to me and how I wear those kind of clothes is the fact that they would not seem cheap and trash. I don’t want to look like tacky and pathetic s**t. Pardon me but too much is just too much. Of course everyone has their own and certainly a different view of what or who is a s**t and you might think so about just a hair dye or you just don’t like someone. What a wonderful world. I mean people. The less you give a f**k, the happier you will be. I’m just saying.


However. My hair is bright red and in clothing I like to highlight them with certain colors like green, which is beautifully suited to the red. My basic casual outfit is tight jeans, band shirt and slender combat boots. When there is time and desire to see more effort, this is one outfit choice for example; Black high-heeled leather Ankle boots, black leather trousers, a simple and maybe a one-color top and, last but not least, rivet spike leather jacket. Suitable hairstyle, makeup and accessories will crowning everything. Suitably Rock. I’m not ordinary and my style is not ordinary. Haters gonna hate. I always don’t have time to wear my best and it’s not so necessary. At home is best to wear a big shirt and ponytail. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to me the beauty of what I value and what I like is close to the natural. But I don’t see it’s a bad thing and I don’t mind if someone wants to do beauty jobs/surgery for real reasons, or if someone wants to color their hair with totally different colors. Eyebrows are a very important thing for myself. So if you own your own or even natural-looking eyebrows then here comes a big thumb. If you think of celebrities, then Shakira is my ideal. That woman is truly beautiful, sexy and gifted. I often use strong makeup and many people think it’s a mask for me that I want to conceal my true self. But it’s not. I can be without makeup and I like it. The freckles what I have in summer are something what I don’t want to conceal. What made me think that I have to shop for summer skin care products well in advance. Let’s be our own selves included our own style, whether it was natural or unnatural style. We can courageously try out what we want. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak and beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself. 

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