Don’t Be So Rude

I like to explore the environment and random people around me, wherever I am. In particular, for example. When I’m alone in the coffee shop, sipping my hot coffee and minding my own business. Unfortunately, I will forcibly hear people’s conversations, if I don’t listen to music. One thing which has greatly been quite repetitive conversation, or rather the opening of a debate in humans, is how they all have places broken, hurts, pains, etc. There is no harm in it and really its none of my business. But I just wonder why many people when they see each other after a long time, they first start conversation by listing their own medical history, a small into a big bother.


It is very common for the elderly, which is understandable. When I have listen people to talk each others that way, it’s a little bit depressing and just cracks in my ear to hear. Especially when they are still young 25-40 years old, and all what they do first is complaining about what is wrong or the toe is sore or something else depressing. Where is the good things? I understand life is hard, and it’s not easy. But really? do we have to do it worse than it is, or make everybody to believe so? And after that you tell your own life story and your friend is just nodding his head. Negative things and your own story first at the center and then you maybe forget to ask to your friend that how is he.

I don’t mean that you can’t talk your own troubles, it’s not wrong. It might be certainly nice to tell all your own things and problems to people, but seriously at least ask your friend how are you. Well, maybe this was just a seasonal thing and I just happened to hear these negative things mainly. Luckily, there are positive cases to balance them. A little more joy of life and perhaps genuinely interested in people from each other. Also nasty old people who tell you, that you must go to hell. (I was told so, because maybe in their opinion I probably sat on their side of the cafeteria at the same long couch where there was plenty of space for other customers too) And then those who are social media addicts who are just face glued to the phone. What personally I feel impolite behavior.


For example, if I have a cup of coffee with my friend or I’m at somebody’s home for a visit and the other one doesn’t do anything else than typing on their phones and then keeps nodding and humming. How many of us anymore cares about the presence of another person really? Where is the courtesy?

I keep repeating that each one of us has own way to live our lives and to live as we please, but yes, it could still try to be polite to others. Especially in public places, or is it great to take the last sitting seat from the bus, for example, to a pregnant woman or an old grandmother? It would be a good thing for all of us to have sense of situational awareness. Everyone should teach that to offspring’s. There is no need to be a saint, but if we always stare at our own belly button, this world would certainly be much worse.

In people some of us pay a lot of attention to their being and behavior. At least I’ll pay attention. Certain types of behavior may take away the desire to get know the other person completely, or at least half off desire. You don’t have to like everybody, you don’t have to be everybody’s friend. This applies to me as well as to everyone else. For my own behavior and my being, may seem that you don’t want to get to know me any more. The right one is not just for a partner in life, it’s also suits for friends as well. Theres not necessarily only one the right one, there can be a lot of right ones around the world. But it’s a different thing will you ever meet them. Even that one.

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