Summer Vibes

That feeling when you step out of the door and the warm summer air touches your skin. I love that feeling! And surely you too. Even in the spring, when the sun begins to shine and the air becomes warm, you can notice the change what happens in your mind. The mind is refreshed, there is more energy and the motivation rises. Winter’s darkness and cold have their own charm but I still prefer light and heat. I’ve always or as long as I can remember suffered from occasional mood swings. There are times when I feel depressed more and there are times when I feel that there is no depression. Just for no reason. I know that many of us struggle with this.

Many will certainly be able to identify that climate as well as many other things have a great impact on our mood. In my home country and especially there where I was born there is so-called Kaamos polar night, which is an annual period during which the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. This phenomenon occurs in the Earth’s polar districts and those at higher latitudes. Closer to the poles we go, the sooner the polar night begins and the longer the polar night is. In the most northern Finland, the polar night lasts from the end of November to mid-January. In the Southern Finland where I live now, kaamos doesn’t affect so much, but that much that the winter is very dark in the whole country. I believe darkness has something to do with my mood.


But I have so far somehow learned to live with that, and it’s no big deal for me anymore. As you learn to know yourself, I believe that everyone has the opportunity to partly filter uncomfortable things in themselves and learn to accept them. If not completely then at least partially. I recommend each and everyone of us some exploration deep inside ourselves. In peace and with time. If it’s not possible at home / home town / home country, then travel to somewhere else. Especially I can recommend a trip to my home area, to Lapland.

Lapland, that beautiful, peaceful and unique place. Where people are nice and where is incredible landscapes. The inner peace what I feel when I go to Lapland in the middle of nowhere is something I really enjoy. Northern lights, mountains and forests. Summer or winter, every season there is always something incredible, beautiful and interesting. Sometimes I felt ashamed of my roots, but not anymore. I am very proud that I was born in Lapland and some of my kin are Sami people and I have Sámi roots. The other half of my family still lives in my home town, and luckily I can go there whenever I want. I know I’ll return back to the north in one way or another. If I don’t live there then maybe i buy some cottage or a holiday apartment.


Now that the summer is right at the door, I really enjoy the heat and the light and try to store it somehow to autumn. I hope everyone who is struggling especially with the depression, would also feel something joy of summer or something else, what brings any good feelings and would give it the power to light your mind. The exploration that I haven’t been able to do properly yet and which will surely open up more my mental side, is a journey somewhere very warm and exotic. Maybe in South Africa or Australia. Suggest something to me?

Let’s enjoy this moment, ourselves and others. Let’s Try to have fun and feel Comfortable in your own Skin and be proud of what we are.

P.S. If you are interested to know more about Lapland and what kind of opportunities it has to offer, please feel free to contact me.

Here’s a little husky puppy to cheer up your day!

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