Gene Simmons The Vault Experience, Stockholm

Stockholm, what a beautiful city! This was the first summer trip, and it was amazing! All in all it took four days and there wasn’t lack of activities. The trip was booked well in time because of the Gene Simmons – The Vault Experience event. My friend bought one Vault and Gene also had own live show at Grönä Lund. I was in the role of avec and avec got to be involved in everything. That was more than OK to me. I got also personally to meet Gene. Although I didn’t dare to say anything else but hey to him. The charisma he has, which fills the whole room, plus the compliments he told me (or my friend), so I went speechless and underneath my makeup i was certainly red like a fire truck.


In The Vault event on Friday, June 1, 2018, where all the plus avec were, Gene chatted and played guitar for about an hour. He opened his own history for example. of where and how it all started in music, what inspires him, how he writes / wrote songs, how he has never publicly revealed the musician side of himself, about that he has been doing songs and different types of music all the time, and some of them are not suitable for KISS at all. He now wanted to open up this side of his life for those who appreciate it. Sort of a thank you for that what he has reached in his life because people have bought and listened to his songs. Gene also told stories about some of the songs how they were born, and stories about how they write / wrote songs together with Paul. Of course, not forgetting the brotherly jokes what Gene and Paul always make of each other.

After that, we had that personal meetings what I mentioned earlier. The Vaults had sold 50 pieces in Stockholm, and my friend was one of them. The meeting was numbered, and luckily we were at number 19 so we didn’t have to wait a long time. Tension was pretty tough through the whole waiting time, and at least one person came out with tears, those were tears of happiness. My own vibes were very nervous and anxious, because I react like that to an exciting situations. My friend was very calm, but I know he was thrilled and a little bit tense because Gene is his idol. We both get two signatures on two items and my friend got that Vault from Gene himself with a handwritten signature and inscription: ”When you wish upon a star.” They talked for a moment, and after that took few photos. The end of the day we were melting the event, exploring the contents of the box and exploring Stockholm.


On the following day on Saturday 2.6.2018, we headed explore the old town and the familiar promenade Drottninggatan in Stockholm. There is numerous shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs. We wanted to leave well in time to Grönä Lund’s amusement park, where Gene Simmons intends to appear at eight o’clock in the evening. One hour before the start of the gig, we were with some of the members of Kiss Army on a terrace where one security guard came to us to ask if we would like a memorable gig. He said that now there is a chance to get to the stage with Gene and the band. We wondered a moment and then we agreed, of course. And after that, we were all speechless. Already that we met him yesterday was amazing, so its hard to believe that you can get on stage with him, that is super amazing. Now or never i was nervous. I was so nervous and distressed that I almost decided to give my ticket to someone else. But I decided that I don’t give power to my fears. You only live once, and this opportunity may not be possible ever again. The show was absolutely amazing in every way and an experience was quite insane, doesn’t even yet understand fully what has happened. Especially for myself it was a really big deal because KISS is one of my favorite band and Gene Simmons with Paul Stanley of that band are my idols. But also for that reason, that I dared myself to do something like that, despite my anxiety and panic disorders. I have survived the most difficult times but still. I’m quite proud of the fact that I dared.


My understanding of Gene Simmons is every time more positive. Really funny and relaxed man despite the publicity. And I believe that he genuinely cares about his fans, because without us he and whole band wouldn’t be here. Gene is also smart, at least for money matters. As soon as he knew and noticed that KISS became a big deal, he always made plans for the next 10 to 20 years ahead. Those who have no sense of humor and doesn’t know anything about him, only what newspapers and news headlines suggest, so some might think that he is an asshole. Well, don’t we all are little assholes? Everyone has their own opinion, and thankfully me and many others have a good sense of humor. KISS Army is the most eager and the most faithful fan group so far who I have ever encounter, and it is awesome to be among them. However, one more time: Our weekend was amazing. And now I try to get my head out of the clouds and return to my normal, gray and rainy work week.


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